Brookfield Badminton Club Constitution and Rules

Note: The club constitution is reproduced here for reference only. The master copy of the constitution is held by the Honoary Secretary. If there are any discrepancies between the master copy and the version shown here then the content/wording of the master copy shall taken as the definitive version.

1. Name

The badminton club shall be known as "Brookfield Badminton Club", it shall be affiliated to Badminton England and Hampshire Badminton Association and shall be a non profit making organisation.

2. Object

The object of the club is to further the enjoyment of badminton in the area. Club members will play according to the laws adopted by Badminton England.

3. Venue

The club shall play at a local venue approved by the majority of the members.

4. Time

The club evenings shall be at times approved by the majority of the members.

5. Membership

Membership is open to any person approved by and elected by the members. Members who do not attend for one calendar year will be deemed to have relinquished their membership, but may be reinstated at the discretion of the committee. The total membership of the club should not exceed 45 paid up members. Membership of the club may be terminated by the unanimous decision of the committee under the following headings:

  • 5.1. Failure to pay fees whilst still attending club evenings;
  • 5.2. Violent conduct towards another member;
  • 5.3. Serious misuse or theft of the club's or venue's equipment, or of another person's belongings;
  • 5.4. Rude or inappropriate behaviour towards another club member at any time or towards opposition members during a match;
  • 5.5. Persistent breaking of the club rules.


  • 6.1. Joint membership may be arranged at the discretion of the committee, normally covering a club member and partner. Both partners would not be present on a single club night unless at the discretion of the committee, in this case a guest fee would be payable. For a joint membership the fees would be one and a half times the normal fee.
  • 6.2. A concessionary membership may be made available for members not able to commit to full attendance, (e.g. shiftworkers) at the discretion of the Treasurer in consultation with the officers.


The club committee shall consist of the following officers:

  • 7.1. Chairperson
  • 7.2. Honorary Secretary
  • 7.3. Honorary Treasurer

The committee may co-op members as appropriate.

Each of the above shall be paid up members of the club and shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting by a ballot of paid up members. In the event of any of the officers of the club ceasing to be an active playing member of the club because of an accident or illness or other reason they should be allowed to continue in their position (if they so desire) with the agreement of the other officers of the committee and following nomination and re-election at the AGM.

A quorum for this committee shall be a minimum of three. No member may hold more than one office at any one time. The chairperson at each meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to any other vote they may be entitled to.


A sub-committee shall be formed each year for the purpose of selecting players for league teams. The committee shall comprise 3 or 5 members and will be elected at the AGM; this committee will select the league teams who would elect their own captains. The team captains would then be co-opted onto the committee without voting rights. If a person on the selection committee is being considered, that person should not be eligible to vote. In this case, if required the chairperson will be given the casting vote (by phone if necessary). A League Secretary will also be required to attend fixture meetings.

9. AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held in late April/May at a suitable venue. A quorum shall consist of 25% of the paid up membership.


An Extra-ordinary General meeting may be called by a majority vote of the committee or by 50% of the paid up membership. At least 7 days' notice shall be given in writing. A quorum shall consist of 25% of the paid up membership.


A subscription shall be payable to the club to cover the running costs involved and BE registration fees if appropriate. The subscription rate will be decided by the committee and should be split into two parts, one to cover the league season, the other to cover the summer club. Members would have the option of paying for both parts or the league season only.

At the End of the Club's Financial Year any money remaining will be carried forward to the next financial year and will be used to maintain the Club Fees as low as possible taking into account any increases in:

  • 11.1. The hall hire
  • 11.2. Increased shuttle charges
  • 11.3. Increased Badminton England charges
  • 11.4. Increased Hampshire charges.

In the event of the Club winding up any money remaining will be donated to a charity agreed by the members at the time of the winding up.


On arrival at the club members should place their name peg at the top of the extreme left-hand column of the playing order board. The person whose name is at the bottom of this column chooses the next game by selecting three other players from the eight names immediately above and should not select more than one other person who played in their previous game. This person will then inform the players of their game and also inform the person whose name now appears at the bottom of the column so that they may select the next game. The games selected should be either mixed doubles or men's or ladies doubles if possible. At the completion of the game the names are to be returned to the top of the extreme left-hand column, winners first followed by losing pair. For mixed games the lady's name is to be returned first.


The standard shuttle used for a club evening shall be cork-based feather tournament type, subject to availability.


A maximum of 2 guests are allowed per evening provided that the guests have a standard of play equal to the average club member. The guests must be registered with the Hon. Secretary before they attend a club evening, they must also be accompanied by their host when they enter the hall.


Potential new members may be invited at the discretion of the committee for a maximum of up to three club nights in order that the membership may assess their suitability as members. On the third club night the application for membership shall be approved by the majority of the selection committee.


Home matches shall be played at a suitable venue and at a time approved by the committee. The team captains will decide which courts each team will use. A match fee will be collected at a rate to be decided by the committee.


The team captains, with the approval of the committee, may arrange practice games for league playing members, only one court to be used.


The playing order board is also to be used for the purpose of displaying general information for club members. The chairperson or committee member may stop play during the evening to convey matters of immediate importance.


The playing venue and the Brookfield Badminton Club will not accept any responsibility/liability for personal injury. Public Liability insurance is held by the club. Personal injury insurance can be arranged for members if they so desire.


Any person representing the club in any way must be a fully paid up member and attend club evenings regularly during the season in question. In exceptional circumstances (i.e. when there is no suitable club member available to play) the team captain with the approval of the Selection Committee may use a player who does not meet all these criteria.


The club’s bank account will be held in the Swanwick branch of Lloyds Bank. Two signatures will be required on any cheque issued on the club account. Any two of the following officers may sign cheques: Chairperson, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary.


An auditor for the year shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. The annual statement of accounts and balance sheet duly certified by the auditor shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.


Any additions or changes to the Constitution may be approved at the AGM by two thirds of those present. Any proposal must be submitted to the committee at least 3 weeks’ prior to the date of the AGM for inclusion in the Agenda and should have a proposer and be endorsed by 2 other club members.

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